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Piano Lessons



The piano is the foundation of western music. Its range covers most of the pitches audible to human ears and is capable of enormous harmonic complexity. Because of its nearly all classical music by composers such as Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart was first worked out on the keyboard before it was noted for other instruments.


These days the influence of the piano and its modern counterpart the keyboard can be heard in the music all around us. The musical keyboard has become the way most artists interface with digital recording and mixing tools. In addition, with its physical layout the piano is accessible technique-wise to anyone – from very young children to the most advanced concert and jazz pianists. For this reason the piano has always been one of the most popular instruments to take lessons on. 


Perhaps you are learning piano as well. You might be a little overwhelmed by how much there is to learn.

Don’t hesitate!

I can help you understand everything step by step, at your own speed.


There are lots of different learning methods. One of the most preferable modern methods which I teach is based on the physiology of the brain according the international studying technique of the Academy of Networked Thinking in Music. This method especially is used for those who are beginners or not very advanced. It uses neurological based learn processes of the brain by training the right brain half and leads to a remarkable raise of intelligence. The right brain half is responsible for creativity, music, emotion and intuition, the left one manages language and logic. Of course both brain halves are working close together. This especially is very successful with young children who are in the process of brain development but it leads also to very good results with adults who learn much faster than by classical studying techniques.


Of course I teach also other classical and modern techniques and methods. Which method I choose depends on your interests and on your education level.  

All age groups, beginners and mid-level are welcome.